Lower Costs … Faster Time To Revenue … Improved Sales and Profits

lightbulbRound Rock Consulting LLC (RRC) is a business to business consultancy focused on delivering best-in-class Product Realization and Business Development solutions to a wide range of technology organizations.

Round Rock provides professional business support services across three critical business functions:


  • Product Development and Product Realization Management Services
  • Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Consulting Services
  • Strategic Marketing and Business Development Consulting Services


We actively promote our customers' success by developing and deploying innovative supply chain optimization programs, product realization initiatives, and business development programs, tools and processes that enable our clients to achieve their objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.

Round Rock has delivered highly effective Business Development and Product Realization Solutions on behalf of a wide range of clients for over twenty years. Our many years of experience in the technology sectors has enabled us to build an exceptional global network of best-of-breed service providers, allowing us to offer our clients customized solutions optimized for their unique requirements.

Expert Consulting Guidance

  • Product Design Engineering Services (Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Digital, Analog, Software, Firmware, and ASIC development services)
  • Electronics Manufacturing Services
  • Plastics Tooling and Injection Molding Fabrication
  • Metal Enclosures Fabrication
  • Machining, Castings, Cables, and other Custom Fabrication
  • Custom Packaging Design and Fabrication
  • Logistics and Fulfillment Services (Domestic and Global)
  • Warranty Management (Product Repair) Support
  • Inventory Management/Risk Mitigation Services
  • Total Product Life-Cycle Management Services