About Us

Our Name

round-rock-low-tideRound Rock Consulting LLC takes its name from an ancient but little known landmark off the coast of Southern New Hampshire. "Round Rock" is an impressive granite landmark off the New Hampshire shore. Although clearly visible at low tide, Round Rock has for centuries proven to be a serious threat to ill-informed mariners.

As a metaphor for navigating business obstacles, Round Rock Consulting's mission is to enable its clients success through the timely sharing of expertise, information, and relationships. Our primary objective is to help clients avoid costly mistakes and delays in developing optimal supply chain relationships, bringing their new products and services to market, and profitably growing their businesses. Like an accurate navigation instrument, we enable our clients to avoid costly and sometimes catastrophic hazards that although hidden from view, may be lurking just below the surface.

Like 'Round Rock' itself, our offering has withstood the test of time and tides, and has been polished by many years of experience.

Company History and Services Offered

Following lengthy and highly successful careers with world class technology organizations, Round Rock Consulting's founders have developed a unique consultative approach to help product and service companies. We provide consultative "best practices" across a variety of business disciplines, including:

  • Product Development and Product Manufacturing Strategy (Product Realization)
  • Supply Chain Optimization Strategy and Execution
  • Product and Service Marketing Strategy (Demand Creation)
  • Sales Strategy, Execution, and Sales Management Best Practices
  • Virtual Resource Planning and Management, (Outsourcing Planning and Management)
  • Strategic Business Planning Services

With a global network of Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Operations, and Logistics consultants at our disposal, Round Rock Consulting can create a product realization solution custom tailored to support virtually any new product development requirement.

In addition to our extensive consulting offering, Round Rock Consulting has developed a comprehensive partner relationship network with "best-of-breed" product realization service providers that offer specialized expertise in the areas of:

  • Electrical Design
  • Industrial & Mechanical Design
  • Software Development
  • Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
  • Plastics and Metal Tooling Design and Fabrication
  • Cable and Interconnect Fabrication
  • Packaging Design and Fabrication
  • Global Logistics and Fulfillment Provisioning
  • Post Fulfillment Customer Support (Warranty and Product Repair)
  • Inventory Management, Dispositioning and Risk Mitigation Services.

Round Rock specializes in enabling early stage technology companies to develop and deploy their products and services to market, both locally and globally. By leveraging our pre-qualified service provider network any OEM, large or small, can quickly and cost-effectively advance their business from Concept to Customers.

As professionals in the technology marketplace, we have consistently delivered extraordinary results for our clients since 1992.

Contact us today to learn how we can leverage our experience, expertise, and relationships to ensure your business success.

Expert Consulting Guidance

  • Product Design Engineering Services (Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Digital, Analog, Software, Firmware, and ASIC development services)
  • Electronics Manufacturing Services
  • Plastics Tooling and Injection Molding Fabrication
  • Metal Enclosures Fabrication
  • Machining, Castings, Cables, and other Custom Fabrication
  • Custom Packaging Design and Fabrication
  • Logistics and Fulfillment Services (Domestic and Global)
  • Warranty Management (Product Repair) Support
  • Inventory Management/Risk Mitigation Services
  • Total Product Life-Cycle Management Services