Round Rock Consulting provides "Virtual VP" business consulting services to a wide range of product and service providers.

We specialize in helping technology firms define, refine, and execute strategies related to Product Development, Product Realization, Marketing & Business Development, and Sales Process Management.

Round Rock Offers a full-suite of Product Realization and Business Development Services

Expert Consulting Guidance

  • Product Design Engineering Services (Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Digital, Analog, Software, Firmware, and ASIC development services)
  • Electronics Manufacturing Services
  • Plastics Tooling and Injection Molding Fabrication
  • Metal Enclosures Fabrication
  • Machining, Castings, Cables, and other Custom Fabrication
  • Custom Packaging Design and Fabrication
  • Logistics and Fulfillment Services (Domestic and Global)
  • Warranty Management (Product Repair) Support
  • Inventory Management/Risk Mitigation Services
  • Total Product Life-Cycle Management Services