The Marketing and Branding Gap in ODM and EMS

By : Jim DiBurro President, Round Rock Consulting LLC

To see the full article published in VentureOutsource: Please go to: The Marketing and Branding Gap in Electronics Manufacturing Services

In comparison to other multi-national technology giants, ODM and EMS providers appear to be in a continuous state of stealth mode. As someone who has worked in the top tier of the EMS Industry for nearly two decades, I've confused friends, families, and airplane seatmates countless times by trying to explain who I worked for and what my company does. So why is it that as large and impactful as ODM and EMS providers are to virtually everyone who comes in contact with a TV, cellphone, (or virtually anything sold by Apple), nobody knows who they are?  The answer: With rare exceptions EMS and ODM providers are remarkably poor at Marketing and Branding.

To read the full article on why EMS and ODMs are lacking in this area, and what can be done to improve in this area, please click the above link.

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